Everyone Belongs


EVERYONE BELONGS (Special Needs Ministry)



“To create a welcoming parish for persons with special needs and their caretakers.   We advocate promoting full and meaningful participation for all people with special needs in all aspects of our church’s life.”

Who do We Serve?

  • Persons who are Deaf, Deaf Blind and Low Vision

  • Persons with Disabilities – physical, developmental, intellectual or sensory disabilities

  • Families receiving an unexpected prenatal diagnosis of disability or lethal condition

  • Persons with mental illness

  • Veterans with a Service-related disability

  • And caretakers of those above

Our Goals for 2017:

  1. Identify Physical barriers (pass to finance council or a ministry for action)

  2. Engage with select JDW Ministries (need talking points, assign people to meet)

  3. Plan a “White Mass” to celebrate Special Needs Community

  4. Provide some Education to parishioners – on interacting with and supporting those with Special Needs) – talking points

  5. Advertise Everyone Belongs ministry better

Contacts:  For more information or assistance please contact Carol Harford or Sharon Coulson.

Resource Links: 

Special Needs Office – Archdiocese of Washington

Southern Maryland Community Resources (SMCR)

ARC of Southern Maryland

Center for Life Enrichment

Partners for Success